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What Is Wrong With the World?

 When you look at the news around the world you see a lot of evil and violence.  Why is there so much evil and violence?  There are people who go into an establishment and shoot and kill for no apparent reason.  There are those when their girlfriend or wife wants out of the relationship they resort to violence.  The people who do these acts are depressed, unhappy, and sometimes medicated with drugs (legal or illegal).  There are many reasons that can be attributed to the problem.  Some of the reasons will be discussed here.


 In order to understand the problem and to answer the “what is wrong and why” questions; you need to first consider the “frontal lobe” and the “limbic system” of your brain.  The frontal lobe is where moral and social reasoning occurs along with personality, mood, self-awareness, and emotional control.

The frontal lobe functions are:


  • Impulse Control

  • Spontaneity

  • Reasoning

  • Planning

  • Language

  • Memory

  • Motor Functions

  • Higher-Order Thinking

  • Social and Sexual Behavior


Another summary of frontal lobe functions are:

  • Morality

  • The Will

  • Reason & Conscience

  • Judgment and Decision Making

  • Spirituality

  • Prayer

  • Worship

  • Discerning Spiritual Truth

  • Empathy

  • Altruism

 On the other hand, the limbic system is another part of the brain and it controls or produces emotions of pleasure, fear, ANGER, reward, anxiety, and sadness.  There are several different parts of the limbic system, but they will not be discussed here.  The parts will be grouped together for this discussion about the limbic system.

The limbic system functions are:

  • The Sense of Smell

  • Appetite and Eating Behaviors

  • Memory

  • Social Cognition

  • Emotional Response

  • Sleep and Dreams

  • Addiction

  • Sexual Behavior

Another summary of limbic system functions is:

  • Lizard Brain (lower nature base passions)

  • Fight or Flight

  • Appetite for Food and Sex

  • Fear

  • Stress

  • Lust Impulses

  • Worry

  • Anxiety

  • Irritability

  • Negativity

  • Aggression

 When you make a choice to react or act in a particular way the limbic system does not determine whether it is good; only that you want it.  You may want it because it tastes good or feels good.  The consequence of the choice often does not lead to a positive long-term result.


 On the other hand, the frontal lobe determines whether that choice or action is good or healthy and the long-term consequence is considered.  In summary, the frontal lobe determines whether an action or choice is good and the limbic system reacts to desires that you have without consideration of long-term consequences.

 Some of the reasons for the violence, murder, unhappiness, hate, and evil that people experience or do can be attributed to a strong limbic system and a weakened frontal lobe.  Many people react to situations “at the moment” and do not consider the long-term effects.  This is because their frontal lobe is weak or turned off and their limbic system is in total control of their life choices.

What is the Cause?



 Some of the causes for the violence, murder, unhappiness, hate, and evil that people do can be attributed to violent television programs, violent movies, violent video games, and syncopated music.  Violence on television, movies, and video games has a “desensitizing effect” on the viewer or game participant; it turns off the frontal lobe.  It makes blood, guts, and death seem not real.  It is one reason that someone can go shoot up a school, theater, or some other public event without considering the long-term consequences.  Syncopated music also turns off the frontal lobe.  An additional reason is medications that often have side effects that cause a person to have a weakened frontal lobe.


 The more the limbic system is exercised the stronger it will become and the frontal lobe will become weaker!



The Evidence

 Television was introduced to the United States and Canada in the 1950s and the murder rate nearly doubled.  Keep in mind that in the 1950s TV programming was not as violent as today, but it still had a negative effect on society.  South Africa had TV introduced in 1975 and it had the same result; a murder rate that nearly doubled in the first 20 years.  There are other factors for rising rates of violence, but clearly, it appears that television has had a negative effect.  These statistics were taken from the Centerwall Study published in 1989 and can be viewed in greater detail by clicking here.  (the previous 2 links have been scrubbed from the internet!)


If TV was introduced in the 1950s and violence increased dramatically in two decades you can only wonder what is doing to society six decades later.  You need to also consider how the programming has changed and then you must also include the extremely violent video games.

 Music is another problem that affects our thinking processes.  It has to do with the sound of the music being syncopated.  Syncopation is a shift of the normal accent to normally unaccented beats.  Music that has a normal rhythm in 4/4 time with the accent on the first or third beat is good, but when the accent is shifted to the second or fourth beat it becomes syncopated.  Syncopated music turns off the frontal lobe and then the limbic system takes over.


 Another problem (and there are many) with music is how the same words are repeated over and over again.  This also causes the frontal lobe to turn off.  There is a good series that can be watched called “Distraction Dilemma”  that goes into great detail about the many issues with music.  It is a long series (about 12 hours) broken into 10 episodes.  It is well worth your time!  Click here for the playlist.

A few of the statistics (the 1940s to 1980s) given in the series


"Distraction Dilemma" are:

  • Suicide rose 400%

  • Un-wed couples living together up 536%

  • Pregnancy among girls 10-14 years old is up 553%

  • Violent crimes are up 995%

 You must be cautioned that you will be very sad when you learn that the music in question is not just Rock n Roll.  Country, Jazz, Blues, and Pop music are all guilty of syncopated music.   It is not all bad, just most of it.

 Music that is good to listen to is music that supports, strengthens, and is healthy for the frontal lobe.  Music that is not syncopated and is good for you is; most classical and Bible Hymns.  Usually, music that does not have a concentration on intense drum beats is also good.  The Distraction Dilemma series covers this in greater detail.

 Media is the means of communication and “influence” that includes radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and the internet.  It has a tremendous effect on the lives of all people without regard to religious belief, race, culture, age, or location.  Video games can also be included in the category because it has a great amount of “influence” on society.


 Media On the Brain is a series that covers many facets of media and how it changes your brain.  Some of the information and statistics will be provided to you and these stats could make you view the media from a totally different perspective.

 Stimulation of the brain is important for the development of the brain of children.  No stimulation or overstimulation is very unhealthy.  It is important for adults with a developed brain and even more important for children to stimulate the brain in a healthy way.  The media fails to do this in every way.


 Fast-paced media (TV) stimulation is bad for the developing brain and can lead to changes that affect their entire life.  It leads to inattention later in life; the more TV the more attention issues.

 Some scientific statistics about TV that will have you scratching your head are:

  • Is a major cause of depression

  • Inhibits speech development

  • Cause of emotional problems

  • Makes you eat more

  • Lowers self-esteem and confidence

  • Increases desire for cosmetic surgery

  • Makes you crave sugary foods

  • Stresses the body

  • Cause sleep deprivation

  • Has doubled the murder rate in Western societies

  • Stunt growth of children's brains

  • Damages the brains of adults and children

  • Decrease of lifespan

 Some statistics (2013) about TV regarding morality are:

  • Adolescents are viewing 14,000 acts of violence each year

  • 200,000 acts of violence are viewed by the age 18

  • Over 6000 beer commercials by age 18

  • Ages 8-13 over 13,000 hours of programming containing sexual content

Media violence has been shown to result in:

  • More aggressive behavior and thoughts

  • More angry feelings

  • Less empathy

  • Increased sexual promiscuity

  • Increased use of drugs

  • Lowers the level of commitment


 With just 14 minutes of fast-paced news that is negative, your stress hormones are increased and your memory is impaired.  It will also increase worrisome thoughts, anxiety, and sad moods.  When you read the news on the internet or other news in print the negative effects are not experienced.  It has a great deal with the pace and the over-stimulation of the brain.  It is not the bad news itself, it is how you receive it.


 There is a great deal more that could be covered here, but the best way for you to understand the fullness of the information is by viewing Media On the Brain.   If you want to purchase the entire series you can purchase it at Belt of Truth Ministries click here.

 There is not a great deal of media that is good.  Documentaries are the best choice because they do not have a fast pace with changing scenes every few seconds.  Reading the NEWS is better than watching it on TV.  Media on the Brain gives an abundance of information on media.  It is a great series and it is worth your time and your money to get a copy.  Then you can share with others to help spread the TRUTH!

Today's Schools


Are your children learning things that they need to know in the school that they are in?  Do they like going to school? How are their grades? Schools have drastically changed over the last 75 years or so.  Information about what the schools are really doing to your precious children can be found in a 2-part series called "Schooled".  Click here to check out the "Trailer" for the series!



More Evidence - Medications

If You or someone you know has been injured by a medication

Or a Medical Device Check Out Drug Watch

HELP is Available Click Here

 Medications have many side effects and these side effects can be of a minor nature, but in some cases, they can be serious.  Quite often a drug that gives you a side effect will open the door for the doctor to prescribe another drug.  That drug will have side effects and then another drug may be given for those side effects.  It is a cycle that never ends and is a major reason to avoid medications.  Unless it is an extremely critical emergency medication should always be avoided.  The human body is capable of rebuilding, restoring, and healing itself from just about any sickness.  When your body is properly maintained and has a strong immune system you will seldom become sick.  Some common and popular medications will be listed along with some side effects that could cause issues with the frontal lobe and your ability to make good choices.

 Tamiflu is a medication used for the treatment of influenza.  It has many side effects and some of them are very serious.

Some of the side effects are:

  • Skin rash, eczema, dermatitis

  • Gastrointestinal bleeding

  • Aggravates diabetes

  • Hallucinations

  • Anxiety

  • Nightmares, confusion, delusions

  • Altered level of consciousness

  • Delirium and abnormal behavior (some cases resulting in fatal outcomes)

 It appears that this drug can cause issues with the frontal lobe resulting in delirium and abnormal behavior that could be fatal in some cases.  Some of these side effects could be experienced after you stop taking the drug.  Why would anyone take this for the flu considering the side effects?  It is scary that this evil drug is approved by the FDA for anyone 2 weeks of age and older!  Complete information about Tamiflu can be found here.

 Some asthma, acne, malaria, and smoking cessation drugs have side effects that include depression and mood disorders.

 Singulair is a drug that is prescribed to help people breathe better.  It has some serious side effects


The side effects are:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety


 The full list of medications that can cause depression and undesirable behaviors can be found here.

 Chantix is used for smoking cessation.

It has these side effects:

  • Hostility

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Suicidal thoughts

 Inderal is used for high blood pressure and it can contribute to depression.

 Corticosteroids such as cortisone, hydrocortisone, and prednisone are used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, asthma, allergies, and many other conditions.  It directly affects your hormonal system and immune system.  It stops inflammation which is actually a process the body uses to heal itself.

The side effects of this class of evil (oral) drugs are:

  • Glaucoma

  • Fluid retention - lower leg swelling

  • High blood pressure ( then you can get medication for high blood pressure)

  • Mood swings, memory issues, confusion, and delirium

  • Weight gain and fat deposits on face and neck

  • Cataracts

  • High blood sugar

  • Increased risk of infections

  • Severe fatigue

  • Loss of appetite

 It is good for pharmaceutical companies and doctors because when there are side effects they can prescribe MORE DRUGS!  It is a vicious cycle and it is very profitable, but it is at the expense of the patient and the patient's health and often a person's well-being!


 This list could go on and on, but the point has been made regarding medicines that are freely given and what they can do to the patient.  They seldom help and almost always create more issues than the ones they are supposed to fix.  ALL DRUGS are not natural to the body and they are foreign substances that do not work with the body, they work against it.  They disrupt the body’s natural response to an adverse condition or sickness.


 When you are going to consider taking some type of medication always read about the side effects and contraindications before you put that foreign and unnatural substance in your body.

 In late November or early December 2018, there was a drug "on the news" for the flu.  There is little doubt that it was on every major broadcast station across the entire country.  This drug is called Xofluza.  Here is some information about this "NEW" drug for the flu:

  • You might only need to pay $30 with the coupon from the website

  • Your insurance might pay up to $60

  • Do not get a "live" flu vaccine after taking this drug

  • Do not take this drug with dairy products, calcium-fortified beverages, laxatives, antacids or oral supplements containing iron, zinc, selenium or magnesium

  • The most common side effects are diarrhea, bronchitis, nausea, common cold symptoms, and headache



Why would you want to even consider taking this NEW poison?  Are the possible side effects and restrictions worth it?

 A call to the local pharmacy on 12-16-2018 has never even heard of this new drug!

The United States of America

Is one of the few...

If not the ONLY country that lets Pharmaceutical Companies

Advertise on TELEVISION!

There is a miracle medication...

a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition!


“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and

Medicine Be Thy Food”!


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