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About Me

​I am just an ordinary person who seeks out the TRUTH.


I learned years ago that often we have been told things that are not really true or may not be the "whole" truth.  This occurs for various reasons such as an agenda, it could be propaganda,  old information or it could be for profit.  Sadly it is more about PROFIT than you would want to believe.


Whatever the reason; the TRUTH is always more important.  Knowing the TRUTH can help you have better health, help you live longer, and possibly save your life. It could help you save a lot of time and sometimes a great deal of money!

time 4 truth


January  1, 2019

About this Site

It is time for people to discern the TRUTH and stop being deceived. Most people are so busy in their own little world that often do not have any real value or meaning.  They are very busy and just accept what they hear as being true.  It is time to ask questions and to get answers for what is REALLY TRUE!

People believe what doctors tell them, what politicians say, and often believe the government.

There are people that believe lies and refuse to accept the TRUTH because it does not seem like the TRUTH is really true because it is too simple, too logical.  They have a great deal of trust in those they have learned from and cannot accept that what they have been told could just be "LIES"!

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