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Diseases & Maladies


 The human body is self-healing, self-maintaining, and self-cleansing and it has the ability to fight off infections with an amazing immune system.  Other listed facts throughout this site about the human body are only true if the body is supplied with what it needs.


 The body needs:

  • good nutrition that supplies vitamins and minerals

  • good nutrition that supplies lipids and calories

  • proper sleep

  • pure water (.5 ounce per pound of body weight or more depending on the climate) [soda, fruit drinks & energy drinks do not count]

  • clean air (as much as possible)

  • exercise

  • a positive attitude without constant stress

  • salt (most if not all cells require it) Celtic is best and Himalayan is second


 The body does NOT need

  • processed man-made so-called foods

  • artificial flavors and coloring

  • soda, energy drinks, and flavored water

  • drugs of ANY kind (except in a critical crisis or accident)

  • alcoholic drinks of any kind

  • stress (you can do everything right and be stressed out all the time and it will take years off your life)

 Eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) includes many items that look like food and are marketed as food, but most of them are NOT food!  They are most often made with artificial flavors, and colorings, and have ingredients that you cannot even pronounce!


 When you have been prescribed a medication or buy one over the counter (OTC) ask yourself if your body is deficient in that medication.  Your body does not know what drugs are and does not know what to do with it.  Drugs are foreign substances when ingested and usually cause more harm than good.



 There was recent news regarding alcohol consumption and they found that NO AMOUNT of alcohol is good for you.  Check out the report by clicking here.



 Cancer is not a genetic disease and you cannot catch it from someone, but you can earn it from an unhealthy lifestyle.  It is a metabolic disease as new research shows.  The problem is medical science has been trying to find a cure with drugs and they have not made any progress.  There is never ANY CURE with ANY DISEASE; there is only healing.  The body does not need drugs to accomplish healing it just needs those items listed above.  Information on a recent study regarding cancer can be viewed by clicking here.

 Consider this very valid point: Those looking for a so-called "cure" for cancer have never found a virus, fungus, bacteria, or parasite that causes the disease.  That supports the research that shows that it is a metabolic imbalance within the body!


 There are over a billion reasons that the truth regarding cancer has not been found.  Cancer treatment is very profitable and it generates billions of dollars every year!  Keep in mind that they have never found a bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasite that causes cancer!  Why?


 Whether you believe it or not the truth about healing and preventing most cancer is known.  There is very little “profit” in this truth.  It is all about living right; by eating real food, sleeping enough, exercising, releasing stress, good hydration, and forgiving those who have done you wrong.  Holding a grudge and staying angry at others will eat you up and take YEARS off your life!

 Forgive and free yourself to experience a feeling of peace within that you may not have known for quite some time.  Try "FORGIVING"; you will be glad you did!

Type 2 Diabetes




 Some of the best information regarding type 2 diabetes can be at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.  You can learn how to prevent, reverse, and manage diabetes.  The information is extensive.  PCRM also includes a great deal of information and resources for healing yourself and preventing other common diseases. PCRM has been around since 1985!  The board of directors is made up of 4 medical doctors and a lawyer.  Click here to check out PCRM.


 Many other diseases could be listed here, but there is no reason to list all of them.  There are a few diseases that you cannot prevent or heal by living and eating right.  However, there is one other one that merits some time.


 There is a great deal of controversy with Dementia and all of its forms.  The information that you can find can be very contradictory, but keep this in mind: “The human body will be healthy when you provide what it needs and when you avoid the things that it does not need”.  Many maladies are a result of wrong foods and wrong living from an unhealthy lifestyle.


 The human body has the ability to heal itself and its natural state is one of homeostasis; a state of “balance”.  The body is continually breaking down tissues and cells and rebuilding them.  Dementia and most diseases can be prevented by living healthfully.


 Heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum can play a factor because these metals go through the blood-brain barrier and they accumulate in the brain.  It is not easy to eliminate heavy metals, but it can be done.  Very good information can be found by watching a video by Dr. John Bergman.  Click here to watch “How to Reverse Dementia.


 The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) has an article that is worth checking out.  You can view 10 Reversible Causes of Alzheimer’s and Dementia by clicking here.


 Natural Health 365 has articles that are worth your time.  Click here

More Information






 A great deal of information is available on understanding diseases and how to heal them.  Dr. John Bergman is a Chiropractor and has a great deal of knowledge in nutrition.  He has studied nutrition for over two decades and he has many YouTube Videos that are available.  He explains how medical science views disease.  He also shows how medicines cause problems and seldom if ever, help any disease!   The bottom line is you do not drug “symptoms”; you find the cause for the symptom and eliminate the CAUSE!


 Dr. Bergman pulls a great deal of his information from actual medical documents.


 One of his best videos is called “Truth Seminar”, click to watch.  Another one that is quite interesting is on Adrenal Fatigue & Stress, click here to watch.  There is also one on Aging click here to watch.  They are ALL excellent!


 If you like this doctor you can subscribe to his YouTube Channel.  He usually has a new video every week.

"If man made it you do not eat it"

-Dr. John Bergman

In Summary



 If people lived healthfully the profit made in the so-called Health Care Industry would be reduced tremendously!   The healthcare industry would be more accurately called the “SICK CARE” industry.  How often does one get medical treatment that actually solves the problem?  The reason is that standard medical care treats the symptoms but seldom looks at the cause of the problem.  This can also be blamed on the patient because few people want to be told that they need to change their lifestyle and diet!  On the other hand, most medical doctors will tell you that your diet makes no difference in your health.  WRONG!  It has EVERYTHING to do with your health!

Quotes to Ponder.........

We Live in a World that Makes Us Fat, Sick & Miserable - Dr. Alan Goldhamer DC

Health results from HEALTHY LIVING - Dr. Alan Goldhamer DC

You Cannot Buy Health; You Must Earn It Through Healthy Living - Dr. Alan Goldhamer DC

Fast Food and Processed foods are destroying "HUMANITY" and are Destructive to the World - Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD

The average American Diet includes FOODS:

That is: High Sugar - Low Nutrition - Calorie Rich - Nutrient Poor - Dr. John Bergman DC

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