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 There is a good amount of evidence to support the reality that there really is GOD and that HE created all things.


 The WORD of GOD (aka the BIBLE) is a book about the “past, present, and the future”.  In the BIBLE world life events often were foretold before they occurred.  The events occurred at the time and place exactly the way they were prophesied.  There are very many prophesies in the Bible and quite a few have been fulfilled.


 In the book of Daniel, it was foretold how various kingdoms would come into power and would lose their control to another kingdom.  The coming of Jesus was also foretold in this Book!  Go to Right on Time and Prophecy for more details


 Comments must be made on the very many versions of the BIBLE to address questions about those many versions.  Some of the versions attempt to simplify the message and make it easier to understand and others twist the WORDS of GOD in such a way that it can only be referred to as blasphemy.

 The NIV removes 66 verses from its version and all of these verses are things that JESUS said!  If this is the version your church uses it could be time to find a new church!

 If you want to have a better understanding of some of the different versions go to Changing the Word.  The lecture is intense, technical, amazing, and very informative!

 There have been many people who have tried to disprove what is written in the BIBLE and the more they try, the more “proof” is found to support everything that is stated by the writers of the BIBLE!

 Consider the Ten Commandments…  If everyone lived by them then we would live in a totally different world.  No one would steal from you because they would not covet what others had.  There would be no killing and no adultery.  Children would respect and honor their parents.  Please note it does not state that you would love your parents!  There would be no idolatry!

 What about the New World Order?  There are many people who do not believe that this is real, however, it is discussed in the Bible and some United States Presidents have made reference to a New World Order in their speeches.  Presidents Bush (both), Clinton, and Obama have made references to a New World Order.  A great lecture on a New World Order can be found here.

 Consider what was written in the Bible thousands of years ago that has only recently been discovered regarding genetic traits. 

 Click here to see the Epigenetics Page for clarification.

 Evolution is a false hypothesis and it has been mostly proven WRONG!  It is still taught in schools today because those who are in control do not want children to grow up knowing the TRUTH!  There is a very good lecture series proving these points.  The series is called Did Darwin Murder GOD? Click to watch.  Few know that in Darwin’s later days, he did not even believe some of his hypotheses.  If you look at the title of Darwin’s well-known book that evolutionists refer you to, you would see that Darwin might have been a racist.  The full title is The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection or The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle of Life!  That is just WRONG!

 There are some people who believe the earth is flat, but the BIBLE states the earth is a circle (see Isaiah 40:22 KJV).  If the earth was flat it would need to be square.  Check out this link: A Spherical Earth.  Consider the things we can see in space such as the Moon, Sun, and other planets some with a telescope they are ALL ROUND!  It is not logical to believe that the earth is flat!

 More points to consider regarding whether GOD is real can be found on the page titled Amazing Creations click here!  Those Amazing Creations could not have occurred by accident and they could not have evolved because one change in the structures would mean they would not work.  Two examples are Mitochondria and Flagellum Motor!  One change in those structures and the process they perform could not happen!

 The Sabbath is a 7-day cycle and there are health benefits to taking time off from the hectic world.  There will be more on this in the future.

 Regarding 7-day cycles, science has discovered "The Amazing 7-Day Cycle" in plants and animal life.  Here is an article that discusses this cycle.  Click here

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