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Time………tells all!



Originally written – 1977

1st revision 6-1-1981

Grammatically Improved/Updated/REVISED 9-26-2017


[NOTE: This was written many years ago.  I did not succeed at proving my points, but many if not most of my points have been proven by many health professionals and science experts.]

The information herein is theories and ideas that I intend to prove as FACT. 

Many of these ideas are vital to the human race surviving on this planet – Earth.

At the time I originally wrote this, there were many people who resisted – TRUTH!

1. Cancer is curable

Cancer par se is not curable, but like most maladies, it can be healed.

This is represented in the test conducted by Dr. Ann Wigmore; she took cancerous tissue from a human being and showed how the tissue thrives on cooked food but that same cancerous tissue dies (ceases to grow) on raw food!

2017 Update: Now it is known all over the world by many doctors and practitioners that this WAS and IS totally true!


 2. The method by which Medical Doctors treat disease is unsuitable for the elimination of the disease. This is true in all cases.

2017 Update: This is true in ALL cases.  Doctors treat symptoms and often do not even know why there is an issue/condition in the person.  The symptoms are warning signs that there is an imbalance in the body.  The doctors give drugs and they push the body even farther out of balance.  The human body is self-maintaining and self-healing!


 3. I define disease as a toxic state of the body that causes dis-ease in the systems of the body. I will show that no disease can exist in an organism, so long as all toxic waste (from metabolic processes) is eliminated efficiently.

2017 Update:  There is a good amount of information from many experts that support this.  Add to this - good nutrition, healthy lifestyle, exercise, positive thoughts, and enough sleep to name some factors that are important for a disease-free body.


 4. I believe that if one holds proper mental thoughts and practices non-enervating habits toxins will be eliminated from the body. This is shown by Dr. Tilden M.D. in his book “Toxemia Explained”.

2017 Update:  Scientists now know that your thoughts have a direct effect on your physiological well-being.


5. I will show how little protein the human body really needs. Consider this: a newborn baby has a very high metabolic rate. The infant is building new cells at an extremely fast rate. Protein is needed to “build” new cells/tissue, but BREAST MILK has a very low percentage of protein. Energy for the body is supplied through sugar (glucose), not protein. Low protein intake adds years to your life.

2017 Update: It has been proven that a low-protein diet is very beneficial and a high protein diet causes many health problems.  A high protein diet when plant-based does not cause significant issues.  If the high protein comes from flesh protein many issues will be realized.


6. Life should be long and free of dis-ease. By keeping a mental balance, physical balance, and a balanced diet you can experience a long disease-free life.


7. You should be active and free from disease and pain all through your life. When your time arrives you should peacefully just stop living, the body should cease to function.


8. I believe distilled water is the only liquid that we should consume. Fruit juice and vegetable juices are good, but not refined and processed beverages such as soda or other flavored drinks.

2017 Update: In 2016 I did a great deal of research regarding distilled and purified water.  I concluded that distilled water is best because it has a pH of 7 (neutral) and it removes all drugs, heavy metals, and any other chemical or impurity that is present.  Purified water (RO) is acidic.  We do not need minerals from water because they are provided in our diet. It is also debatable whether we can use the minerals in water; some experts tell us minerals must be chelated in order for the body to assimilate them.


9. By not ingesting poisonous substances you will experience a more healthful life and can remain disease-free. This includes drugs, cosmetics, medications, processed foods, and eating too much food that has the life cooked out of it! Cosmetics and anything that you put on your skin are absorbed by the body and get into the bloodstream.


10. I will show that eating cooked food causes leukocytosis in the body. Leukocytosis is caused when the leukocytes increase in the body attempting to defend itself from a poisonous substance. This was demonstrated by Dr. Ann Wigmore (1909-1994) in a laboratory. This is the way the body reacts to cooked food!


11. I will prove raw food is the only type of food the body requires. By consuming raw food the body does not need to manufacture enormous amounts of enzymes to facilitate digestion. The enzymes are supplied by the raw food. Cooking food destroys many if not all of the enzymes. This helps the body digest food much more easily and uses less energy.


12. I will prove that animal flesh is unsuitable as food for the human body and is physiologically unnatural. An animal’s diet is one that is suited to its physiological structure. Our body is equipped to digest and utilize grains, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Usually in their unprocessed natural state.


13. I believe that iridology is the most effective, efficient, and practical method to diagnose toxemia (disease-producing condition) in the body. You can actually view in the iris the progress of toxins being cleansed from the body. Medical doctors do not like iridology because X-rays are needed less and when they prescribe drugs very often the level of toxemia gets worse. This is a simple example of how drugs hurt rather than help you get better. Broken bones can be seen in the iris without the need for radioactive X-rays. Also with minimal expense! This, however, hurts the profit margin for doctors!


14. I believe that treating the soil with synthetic chemicals as fertilizer causes the soil to produce foods that lack nutritional value. Good soil is full of living organisms that supply the correct conditions and nutrients to produce a healthy and nutritious plant. Synthetic fertilizer kills the microorganisms in the soil and creates an unhealthy plant. Organic healthy soil absorbs and holds water like a sponge and this helps control flooding.

2017 Update:  Why is there so much flooding today?  It is partially because the soil is dead.  It has very little life because so many chemicals have been soaked into the soil and the microorganisms are no longer living in the soil!


     15. A healthy plant, one that is grown in LIVING SOIL and is resistant to insect infestation and disease.

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