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 The concept of some foods being good to eat and others that are not good to eat is very controversial for many people.


People do not understand why GOD would create a species if they should not be consumed.


This is very easily explained, but not very easily accepted.

 There are many who believe that this only applies to Old Testament Bible times and is no longer relevant.


The Unclean Foods are still “UNCLEAN”


Clean Foods are still “CLEAN”!

 The animals that are scavengers and sea creatures that are bottom feeders should not be consumed (unclean).  Scavengers devour other animals for food and bottom feeders devour organic garbage that falls to the seafloor.


These creatures eat just about anything and the creatures are not healthy to be included in the human diet.


Very often scavengers eat decaying or diseased flesh and this is God’s reason that HE does not want us to eat these types of animals or fish.

 God created these animals and fish to clean up the garbage on the earth and in the waters.


These creatures are “sanitation workers”!


GOD did not want to upset people by telling them to not eat certain things.


GOD does not want us to eat things that will cause sickness and harm us. 


HIS reason for telling us to not eat unclean things is because


 To get a better understanding check out this article that explains Clean and Unclean Foods and has a Chart of the Foods we should avoid and the ones that we can eat!


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