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The FIVE “Blue Zones”


  1. Ikaria, Greece

  2. Okinawa, Japan

  3. Ogliastra Region, Sardinia

  4. Loma Linda. California

  5. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica



These FIVE BLUE ZONES are where the healthiest people on the planet live!

Very healthy and active in their 80-90’s and maybe 100’s!


Dr. Joel Fuhrman M.D.
The End of Diabetes


Ladies if you must put on perfume check out:


Adora Therapy


Seventy percent of ALL DEATHS due to CHRONIC Diseases are due to OUR OWN making.

We earn our sickness, disease, and ailments by our unhealthy lifestyle that weakens our immune system.



The leading cause of EPILEPSY is eating PORK!

For more information about the EVIL of eating pork  Click here

One definite point regarding eating Swine: The BIBLE has told us that it is UNCLEAN and that you should not eat pork!


Sadly, it is very popular and many people consume pork products and have no idea just how bad it is!  You also need to keep in mind parasites that are associated with the eating of SWINE.


What do you know about the drugs/medicines that you take?

What do you know about the Vaccinations that so many believe are a good thing?

Check out this site that includes studies from around the world.  The results that are shown are often not in line with what the MEDIA is telling you!

Click Here for Clinical Trials


What you find could be very different from what your doctor and the media have told you!


Maybe the FDA should stand for Fraud & Deception Agency…


If you want your BRAIN to be healthy then AVOID stuff that is BAD FOR YOU!



Whistleblower’s welcome

Exposing Corruption at Project Veritas

Click here to go to Project Veritas

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