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Sickness Earned But Not Accepted

 You have a health problem, a pain in your side or maybe it is a sore throat, so you go to the doctor.  The doctor tells you that you have a problem with your appendix or your tonsils.  You inquire of the doctor as to why this has happened to you.  They tell you it just happens; sometimes the appendix or tonsils just go bad and you will need to have them removed.


 You need to use common sense and realize that this is BAD information.  Your body is in a constant state of rebuilding itself.  Cells in every organ, gland, muscle, intestine, appendix, tonsils, and skin are dying and being replaced all the time.  The appendix and tonsils are organs of purification and they get overloaded with toxins because of your lifestyle by not sleeping enough, not eating right, not getting exercise, being stressed out, and many other reasons.


 Think about this, do you exercise?  Sleep enough?  Are you stressed out?  Do you eat a healthy diet of natural foods that are full of vitamins and minerals?  Probably not!  That is WHY YOU ARE SICK!  There are many factors that lead you to a diseased condition or sickness.  It is your choice whether you will be healthy or whether you will be sick.


 The average diet consists of foods that are man-made concoctions that have ingredients that often cannot be pronounced.  Depending on the food, it could be full of toxic pesticides or herbicides or grown with synthetic chemical fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers deplete the soil by killing off living organisms such as worms and other microorganisms that live in the soil.  This is the life of the soil and this life is a benefit to the foods that are grown in healthy soil that is full of “life”.   This is a factor for some of the flooding because when the soil is full of life and aerated it sucks up the rain, but when the soil is dead it just runs off!


 When you read the label on the food you eat do you KNOW what those ingredients are that you are EATING?  Are you able to pronounce all of the listed ingredients?  Remember that just because something looks like food it does not mean that it is real food!  Food is something that is grown and harvested and prepared; it is not manufactured in a factory with assorted chemicals and artificial ingredients.


 When you shop for food you should go to the produce department (and maybe the meat/fish department) and buy real food to prepare for your meals.  DO NOT shop anywhere else in the store because the other “so-called” foods are man-made concoctions!  These concoctions often “taste good” and there is a reason for the good taste.  They taste good because of the excitotoxins and artificial ingredients that they use to manufacture these so-called food items.  If you consume meat and fish then the meat/fish department is okay so long as you buy products that are "NOT" factory farmed and are "non-GMO" and "hormones and antibiotics" are not used.

 The best food to consume is food that is not highly processed and is organic and/or non-GMO.  Food that is organic may not be perfect because of cross-contamination, but it is still considered to be the better choice.

Food Choices summary:

First Choice - Organic No pesticides, but is not tested for GMO contamination

Second Choice - certified (look for the butterfly) no GMOs but not tested for pesticides.  Inspected annually

Best Choice - Organic AND certified

You can check out the Non-GMO Project site with its abundance of information here.

 Jeffrey Smith has been exposing the truth about GMO foods and the health issues associated with GMOs for over two decades.  Check out his site here.

 The human body is unbelievably amazing.  It is the most efficient machine on the planet.  Given the correct foods and living right, you should never get sick, but that would hurt the doctor, hospital, and most of all the pharmaceutical companies.  Doctors do not want you to eat or live right because that would put them out of business.

 Doctors who deal with trauma and life’s accidents are another story.  We need doctors to put us back together when we do stupid stuff.  Think about it, when you have an accident were you being smart?  The trauma doctors here in the United States are the best in the world to save your life and put you back together!


 There are more questions that you need to answer.  Do you use a lot of make-up (ladies and some men)?  Do you use antiperspirants (our armpits have pores and are supposed to sweat) that contain aluminum (a toxin)?   What other CHEMICALS do you put on your skin?  Everything you put on your skin gets into the bloodstream.  This is another cause of health problems.


 Here is another point that you might not consider.  Is there someone in your life that you have a conflict?  Maybe they have hurt you in some way and you are mad and angry at them.  You need to forgive them and let them go.  Anger that you hold on to will cause many health problems and anger will give you stress that you do not want to have.  It will take years off of your life.  Even though you might eat right, sleep well, breathe right, exercise right, and have good hydration; being stressed out can cause many health problems!




 If you are praying to GOD to heal your disease and you are eating poorly and have an unhealthy lifestyle then you are wasting HIS time and yours.  God will not help with your healing process when your lifestyle is unhealthy.  You need to change your lifestyle and eat healthily and then GOD will help you heal your condition or sickness!  Do not expect to gain health when you continue to eat and live UN-healthfully!

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