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Germs & Bacteria are Your Friends

 Medical science has taught us for many years that germs and bacteria are bad and that they must be minimized and destroyed, but recent studies have learned that it is a very WRONG idea.  The idea of “germs are bad” has given us antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizer, and antibiotics.  Medical science has based most of its treatments and procedures on the hypothesis that "germs cause disease".

 Science has known for many years that probiotics are good and that is a reason that people eat yogurt and some take probiotic supplements.  However, it is much more complicated than what was first believed and much more important than anyone could imagine.

 It is better to call these microscopic organisms “microbes”.  There are bad microbes and good microbes and when you have an abundance of good microbes it will prevent the overpopulation of bad microbes.  Good health depends on a balance between these microscopic entities.

 It has been learned that the human body has about 90 trillion microbes living on and in us.  These microbes outnumber our cells by about 10:1.  That means for every ONE CELL that you have there are TEN microbes.  The role that these microorganisms play in our health is extremely important.  These microbes include viruses although viruses are not alive.  Viruses have a part to play in health, and yes there are unwanted viruses, too!

 We depend on these microbes to help us digest our food, maintain our health, and to have a strong “immune system”.  It is for this reason that anything that kills the microbiome (the totality of microorganisms) is bad for the human body.  Products that kill and disrupt the balance of the microbiome such as hand sanitizer, antibacterial soaps, and ANTIBIOTICS should be avoided as much as possible.  Antibiotics may not be able to be avoided in all cases, however, hand sanitizer and antibacterial soaps are easily avoided.

 When you eat/consume chemically manufactured products and other man-made concoctions such as medications, processed foods, and drinks the microbiome is affected.  The microbiome and the human body do not know what to do with these unnatural substances.  They are foreign substances and are not recognized as needed to maintain life.

 The best way to have a strong immune system and good health is to eat natural food and protect your microbiome!

 Search the internet to learn more about the microbiome.  Here are two sites to get you started: Dirt, Germs & Other Friendly Filth click here and Skin Bacteria Are Your Friends click here.

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