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Is the Bible True?  Is the Bible Reliable?


The BIBLE is:

  1. Internally Consistent

  2. Transitionally Consistent

  3. Scientific Consistency

  4. Cultural Consistency

  5. Archeological Consistency


The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal that the traditional Bible has been amazingly accurate and has been preserved for over 2000 years!

The BIBLE is:


  1. Historically Accurate

  2. Experientially Consistent

  3. Prophetic Consistency


There are about 300 prophecies about JESUS written 400-1500 years before HE came to show us “THE WAY”!


The probability of fulfilling only 8 of 300 prophecies is 1 in 10 to 17th power!

            Any ONE person fulfilling 48 of 300 prophecies is 1 in 10 to the 157th power!


            The prophecies that Daniel spoke of were fulfilled in the EXACT time frame: year, month, and day.  The prophecies were the BAPTISM year and the year JESUS was CRUCIFIED!


            There are very many prophecies that Jesus fulfilled while HE walked with us in the flesh!

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