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Unhealthy Concoctions, Man-Made

Poisons & Other Deceptions

 Acetaminophen: is taken like candy for every little thing and it is believed to be safe, but it is not at all safe and it should never be taken, especially by children.  Research shows Tylenol damages the brain of children.  Click here to view the article.  Here is another article on acetaminophen exposure and autism, inflammation, and oxidative stress click here (pdf download).


This drug is widely used and is thought to be safe, but it causes more liver problems than any other medication.

Dr. Clum gives great reasons for not taking this drug in this 5-minute video click here.





 Amalgam Dental Fillings: most dentists no longer use these fillings, however, there are many people who have these fillings in their teeth and they do not know how bad they are.  If you decide to have them removed (recommended) make sure you have them removed by a dentist that will protect you from the mercury toxins.  Here is a video that is only 6 minutes long from Dr. McGuire DDS, click here.  Here is another dentist who has an informative web page that includes the protocol for the removal of Amalgam Fillings.  Check out Dr. McGrath's DDS site,  click here.






 Aspartame: This chemical should never be used.  It is not a good sweetener, but it is a good profit maker for the manufacturer.  Very good information can be found on this site - Straight Talk About Aspartame.  More details can be found at this site - More About Aspartame. There is more evidence regarding aspartame and other artificial sweeteners and their negative effects on your health.  View the very informative article here.

 Dairy Products: drink milk, but is it good for you.....or NOT?  The higher the consumption of dairy products the higher the incidence of osteoporosis!  Click here to check out an eye-opening article.  Also, be sure to watch Udderly Amazing by clicking here!

 Energy Drinks: have become very popular in recent years, but they are not good for you.  They have a very negative impact on your circulatory system and your heart.  More information can be found here.

 Fluoride: does occur naturally in our environment, but not in the form that is used in the water supply, toothpaste, and dental applications.  It is a by-product of phosphate and aluminum production.  Check out these sites for in-depth details regarding this poisonous deception. Where Does Fluoride Come From? Click Here.  Another very good site is How a Toxic Poison Ended Up in Our Water Supply.  Check out this site Fluoride Information.  There are many sites that show information that fluoride is good for you.  When you are being told it is a benefit pay close attention to the source and what "agenda" could be "play".  Check out the information and make your own "informed" decision!  For Fluoride Facts click here. Fluoride Dangers 10 FACTS click here.             This site and the information provided will REALLY make you think.... Click Here - POISON PASTE!

 Gatorade: is a manufactured product chemically produced in a factory.  Along with other so-called "sports drinks" Gatorade is supposed to replenish your electrolytes and sugar levels after an intense workout.  We were told that you needed these products because when working out you lose electrolytes and that there was no other way to replenish them. This is a deception because there are many natural ways to replenish your electrolytes and raise your glucose levels.

Here are some alternatives to sports drinks: coconut water, Celtic salt or Himalayan salt (a pinch in your water), lemons, watermelon juice, vegetable juice, or a green smoothie to name a few.  Coconut water with a couple of juiced lemons is an excellent choice!

Please DO REMEMBER just plain ordinary "pure" water is very good!  Children should NEVER drink sports drinks because they are very high in sugar and other chemicals.  The sports drink industry is in it for the "profit" and not because anyone needs these man-made concoctions!  There are many sites (on both sides of the issue) about sports drinks.  Do your own research and decide for yourself if sports drinks are really "GOOD" for You!

 Glyphosate: there is a web page for this very evil chemical that was first used in 1961 as a Descaling and Chelating Agent.  In 1970 it was discovered that it was a good herbicide or weed killer that was brought to market in 1974 by Monsanto.  More on this very evil poison can be found on the Glyphosate page click here.

 Statin Drugs: are widely prescribed and are very profitable to drug companies.  Doctors are encouraged to prescribe these drugs as you will see in this video.  There is one doctor who made millions by supporting these poisons that is exposed in the video.  Muscle pain is the most common side effect, but it is not the only side effect that can be experienced.  More information on the side effects of statin drugs can be found here.

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