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Overweight? It is Not Your Fault

 There are many people that are overweight and often they struggle with trying to obtain a good weight.  If you have been trying to lose some pounds and have not been able to succeed there are many reasons for your inability to make it happen.  It is possible that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!  Read on to learn more about the deceiving propaganda regarding this problem that frustrates many people.

 If you go to the local convenience store and buy a diet drink and a bag of chips then you need to admit responsibility for your weight problem.  If you eat all the time, all day long then you are also responsible for that.  On the other hand, you need to understand how some excitotoxins could be driving your desire to eat “all the time”!  Check out the page regarding “excitotoxins” here.

 One of the biggest deceptions is about diet foods and diet drinks.  When you consume a “so-called” food that is artificially sweetened you are confusing the metabolic process in the body.  Here is how it works: you drink some diet soda and your taste buds tell your brain sugar has entered the body.  Then the brain notifies the pancreas that sugar is on the way, but when the diet soda gets to the stomach the pancreas does not recognize the “FAKE SUGAR” as being real and does not produce the hormones that regulate sugar.  It is not real, it is fake and the body does not know how to deal with this man-made concoction!  When you eat real sugar (preferably not sucrose – table sugar) the brain and pancreas may not recognize it because of all the times you have tricked the metabolic process of sugar digestion.  There is a reason so many people (even children) have diabetes.

 This is a similar problem when you consume any man-made concoction posing as food.  Confusing the metabolic processes in your body with factory-produced and chemical-laden so-called food causes many health problems.

 Have you ever asked your doctor about your diet when you are sick?  They most likely told you that what you eat does not matter.  The doctor is terribly deceived.  What you eat makes ALL the difference in MOST, but not all diseases and sicknesses that people experience.

 What is real food?

​​ Real Food is something that is grown, harvested, and prepared, it is not something that is manufactured in a factory with artificial ingredients that have names you cannot even pronounce!  Just because it looks like food does not mean that it is food!!

 When you consume foods that are processed in a factory or artificially sweetened they do not satisfy.  This is by far the most important point here.  When you consume “real food” at some point you get full.  When you eat a meal your hunger does not cease until the body is nutritionally satisfied.  If you are eating empty foods that have no real value nutritionally you will just keep on eating often until you are often overstuffed!

 Try it for yourself.  Eat a bag of chips are you full?  If you feel full you will not feel fullness for long because there is very little (if any) nutritional value in chips.  Now eat apples, grapes, or another fruit and see how much you can eat until you are “full”.  Your fullness will last much longer with real food as opposed to empty food like chips.

 Eating the SAD diet should ALWAYS be avoided and you will experience many improvements in your health.  Oh, you do not know what the SAD diet is; it is the “Standard American Diet”!

 If you want to lose some weight try eating real food and get some exercise and see what happens!  One final point is that you should NEVER go to bed on a full stomach.  In order to effectively digest your food, you need to be upright and not lying down.  There is the peristaltic action of the stomach, but gravity plays a role in emptying the contents of the stomach.  Depending on the meal it could take 2-4 hours (or longer) to digest.  When you go to bed on a full stomach you also will not sleep very well.







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