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What is a VIRUS?


The VIRUS Story


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Stand for Health Freedom

EVERYONE needs to watch this 22 min video.

Do your own research and decide what you believe.

Note: that she states "There are many doctors that are trying to get the information out...

They are being CENSORED because the the TRUTH is being HIDDEN from the  citizens of the WORLD .


The TIME is NOW!!!

Here is a short video from Dr. Carrie Madej

She is one SMART COOKIE!

When you get the C O V I D 19 vaccine,  will you still be "HUMAN"?

This vaccine will ALTER your DNA & RNA.

This change is NOT REVERSIBLE !!!!!!!

Listen to this short video regarding some "TRUE SCIENCE" about this "SCARY" direction the world is going...

And the LIES we are being told!

Click Here for the Video

C O V I D 1 9

 What is the AGENDA?


This is Critical Information!!!!!

Click Here What is the AGENDA? Part 1

​​Click here for Part 2



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Informed Consent Action Network is a site that pursues avenues to improve health and well being by exposing some facts about the vaccine program that you might not know.

Click here to check out ICAN

National Vaccine Information Center is a site that is a helpful site that gives information about helping citizens maintain and protect your rights to vaccine exemptions.  It has information about policymakers and what they are actively doing to take personal choices away listed by state and dates. It will help you protect your rights to "informed consent" regarding vaccine programs that are taking your "right to choice" away.  Click here to check out NVIC

Top People to check out for their

great truth, content, statements, and videos...

Doctor John Bergman Click Here to watch a great lecture John gave in 2018.

Additional links from Dr. Bergman are also available!


Sayer Ji has been putting up articles for over a decade and providing the amazing "sources of the information" that helps one see what is really true.

Click here to check out his site


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is fighting for the rights of children and exposing the TRUTH in science.  He exposes the CHRONIC Health conditions of children and shows the causes that might surprise you.  This site is worth your consideration!

The site is Children's Health Defense. Click here to go to the site.


Dr. Rashid Buttar Centers for Advanced Medicine

Two sites that are truly worth your time!

How LONG do you want to LIVE?


Live until 50 or live until 100

Which will you choose?

Click here to view your CHOICES

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