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 The questions that EVERYONE should be asking regarding vaccines:


  • Are they really needed?

  • Are they safe?

  • Do they work?


 Facts that are easy to discern regarding vaccines are:


  • It is a BILLION dollar industry

  • Pharmaceutical companies have no liability

  • In 1962 you received 5 vaccinations (by age 18)

  • In 1983 you received 24 vaccinations (by age 18)

  • In 2016 you received 72 vaccinations (by age 18)

  • They are forced on the population; you have little if any choice

  • They are not tested for safety and have no quality controls


 The number of vaccinations has increased from 5 in 1962 to 24 in 1983 to 72 in 2016.  There are 17 different vaccines and there are 72 doses by the age of 18!



 Why is that?  It is a liability-free revenue-producing product for pharmaceutical companies.  In 1986 a law was passed that gave the drug companies the benefit of having NO LIABILITY for any damage or adverse reaction caused by a vaccination.  The drug companies were threatening to stop making vaccines because the lawsuits were impacting their profit and causing a great amount of revenue loss.  The government passed the law so vaccines would still be produced.  When a vaccine is produced there is NO testing for safety and NO quality controls required.


 We should all be able to produce a product that is forced on the public, especially children that has no liability if it causes harm. Then we could make bundles of cash without any worries about harm that "may have" been caused.  Or not!



 Several years after the government passed the 1986 law they established VAERS (1990) (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).  You can check out the site here.


 Why does a newborn baby get a Hepatitis B shot at birth, another at 1 or 2 months, and one at 6-15 months?  Is the baby going to get Hepatitis?  Not usually!


 Since 1986 vaccine costs have skyrocketed.  In 1986 the cost for all recommended vaccines was $80 and in 2016 the cost was $3,035.



Understanding the Ingredients of Vaccines



 There are various excipients that are added for a specific purpose.  Excipients bind the contents or give them consistency.  Some of the excipients used and their purpose is:


  • Preservative - to prevent contamination (Thimerosal)

  • Adjuvants - to stimulate a strong immune response (Aluminum Salts)

  • Stabilizers – to keep vaccine potent during transportation (sugars or gelatin)


 Other excipients that were used during manufacturing and removed may have a residual amount still present in the final product.  Some of these are:


  • Cell Culture Materials - used to grow vaccine antigens (egg protein)

  • Inactivating Ingredients – used to kill viruses or inactivate toxins (formaldehyde)

  • Antibiotics – prevents bacterial contamination (Neomycin)


 A few things to consider about these excipients need to be understood.  Thimerosal contains MERCURY.  There is some debate about the form of mercury and whether it is safe.  One fact is for sure MERCURY is a heavy metal and it is TOXIC to the human body.  When it gets into the body it is not eliminated, it is stored in the tissue.   Aluminum Salt is another adjuvant used.  Formaldehyde is also a toxin.



 For a list of vaccines and their ingredients check out the PDF from the CDC here.



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Final Points on Vaccinations


 Sometimes there are adverse effects when it comes to vaccinations and sometimes they are serious.  Here are a couple of examples: flu shot that had a very serious side effect: death!  Click here.  This person was a New York State Senator!


 Here is another where partial paralysis and breathing difficulty were a side effect.  Click here.


 Learn the Risk is an extremely good site to check out click here.



 Go to:  Dr. Tenpenny's Ultimate Guide to Vaccine Information, Anti Pharma News & More click here







 Autism rates have climbed drastically in the last couple of decades.  The rate has risen from about 1 in 150 (2002) to 1 in 68 (2014) to 1 in 45 (2017).  In the 1950s and 1960s, the rate was about 3 in 10,000.  What has changed to cause this increase?


 There have been changes over the last 50+ years in the way we eat, what we eat, and the medications that we take.  Medications including vaccines have increased with Big Pharma coming out with new so-called medicines (poisons) at an alarming rate.


 The food we ate used to come from gardens and it was not processed or manufactured.  It was not treated with as many pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides as the foods of today!  Food is now highly processed and there are many chemicals added to our so-called food.



 Fifty years ago vaccines were few in number and the drug company was responsible if someone had an adverse reaction.  Now vaccines are manufactured with little or no quality control measures.  The more vaccines produced the more vaccines that you will need.


 Why are autism rates increasing?  There is much debate about the cause, but there are a few things that are definitely true.


  • There are many more vaccinations currently administered than in 1962

  • Vaccinations now start at birth

  • Many vaccines have been combined into a single dose

  • Foods have more additives and are highly processed

  • The world is more polluted than ever before

  • Glyphosate is in many foods (more info here)


 The above factors need to be considered when looking at the increase in autism and all other diseases.  There are many who would tell you that the above-listed changes over the last 50 years or so are not relevant.  Those who believe these changes in healthcare and lifestyle have no effect are not being realistic.


 More information regarding Autism and Vaccines can be found by clicking the following links:


Autism Rate Increases


This site includes an enormous amount of information:  Children’s Health Defense - John F. Kennedy Jr.





Final Points on Autism


 There is a great deal of disagreement when it comes to the TRUTH about Autism and Vaccinations.  View the information that is provided and read all the details and then you can decide whether you think vaccines are a good thing.  There is a definite link between vaccines and autism.


 It may not be the vaccines directly and the bigger issue could be the combination of vaccines that are given.  There are some vaccines that are combined into one injection.  Another major factor is the early age they start giving the vaccines.  When given at an early age the immune system is not fully developed.  All of these things need to be considered regarding the effectiveness and safety of vaccinations.  You should also keep in mind the enormous profit the pharmaceutical companies make from vaccinations!

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