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Live Until 50 or Live Until 100



 You might say that you would rather eat what you want and live to 50 instead of eating healthfully and living a great deal longer, but there are many things to consider.


 It is not just that you will eat all the tasty processed foods loaded with fat, sugar, and ingredients that you cannot pronounce, and then your time runs out at 50.


 Consider that during this journey of eating all of these processed foods, there is a PRICE to PAY!



 You pay for this lifestyle in the following ways:

 You will have many days that you will not feel well and you will experience a lot of sickness

 Your organs might fail and possibly will need to be surgically removed (depending on the organ)

 You might build Cancer

 Many visits to doctors

 Doctors will prescribe drugs to suppress your symptoms

 The prescribed drugs will have side effects

 Brain health can be affected

 Your immune system will be weakened

 Your microbiome will be compromised

 When you eat those foods you “like” realize that your body will not like those foods.  Your body will rebel and can cause many maladies and some of these can be very serious and some might just cause you to feel not well.

 You might not be willing to make the changes to have better health, but YOU have the RIGHT to know.  Then you can make your choice.  You can build health or you can build disease; you decide.



This is the ENTIRE point for this site.  Information is provided that often you never knew because no one told you the TRUTH!  You may have wondered when you go to the doctor why you seldom get well and if you do it is often only temporary.  You may also get worse!


You Do Not Live to EAT


You Eat to LIVE

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