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The Big Bang or Not!

 There are many people that believe that life began long ago as a result of a BIG BANG!


 There is no proof and this hypothesis is really an idea based on “fantasy”!  It all started by a Belgian priest (Georges Lemaitre) in the 1920s.  It is quite amazing that a supposed person of GOD would suggest something like this.


 Recently scientists have come up with some more ideas and extrapolated with modern science to prove this amazing fictional hypothesis.  There still are many questions that go unanswered for these people that cannot accept that there is a GOD that CREATED all things.


 What everyone needs to consider are some very amazing points that will show just how ridiculous this Big Bang Idea is.


 If a BIG BANG occurred then you need to explain how specific things happened and decide whether you believe this “unbelievable” idea based on fiction.


 How did it happen?  Could it have been an accident?


  1. The SUN is perfectly positioned at a distance from the earth that gives light and heat. If it were closer it would be too hot for life and a little farther away it would be too cold.  Also, consider in the summer the sun is farther away, but the rays are more direct, it is warmer.  In the winter the sun is closer and the rays are not as direct, it is cooler.

  2. The Moon is set to reflect the light of the Sun and it controls the tides.

  3. The Earth rotates giving us a 24 hour day and revolves around the Sun giving us a year and the seasons.

  4. When the Earth is revolving the Moon & Sun are always at a good distance from each other and the Earth.

  5. The Earth-Sun & Moon have not crashed into each other.

  6. Water is 2 Hydrogen Atoms and 1 Oxygen atom. These are both gases. How did they come together to become what is known as water?  Without water, there is no life!

  7. DNA and RNA an accident? (see Amazing Creations Page)

  8. Mitochondria (see Amazing Creations Page)

  9. Flagellum (see Amazing Creations Page)

  10. All the trees, flowers, animals, microscopic life, and people just happened from an explosion in space.

  11. Natural gas and petroleum

  12. The Human Brain (see Amazing Creations Page)

 Here is a five-minute mp3 clip from the first God's Not Dead Movie that gives some food for thought.

Evolution vs God Short Movie click it to watch

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