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Do you know what they are?

Do you know why they are not good?

Do you realize how important it is for you to AVOID them?


 Excitotoxins excite and over-stimulate the nerves.  They are added to foods to enhance flavor.  They can cause you to want to eat more than you normally would.  They are usually poisons.  The one that most people know about (although they might not know it is an excitotoxin) is MSG, monosodium glutamate.  Many people avoid MSG because of the problems that it can cause.


 MSG is a popular food additive that is a neurotoxin or excitotoxin.  It kills brain cells in the hypothalamus and it is a factor in people with the following conditions: migraines, heart palpitations, tremors, seizures, ADD/ADHD, and other symptoms that could even be fatal!


 The hypothalamus is responsible for autonomic nervous system functions and other metabolic processes in the body.  Some of the processes that the hypothalamus controls are body temperature, thirst, sleep, hunger, circadian cycles, and fatigue.


 Chemicals known as excitotoxins cause brain cells to fire uncontrollably because they become over-excited and these affected cells can even die.  Aspartame and MSG are two very common excitotoxins and they have the potential to cause permanent damage to your brain and nervous system.  They can also cause damage to the brains of babies during gestation.


 Have you noticed how good and stimulating some foods smell when you walk into a fast food establishment?  That is not by accident, it is by design.  Often those smells are a result of the excitotoxins added to the food to stimulate your appetite.  It also causes you to want to keep on eating even though you might not still be hungry.  It is a big factor for those who are overweight.  If you are overweight it is not necessarily your fault because you have been given BAD information when it comes to dieting and maintaining a healthy body weight.  Excitotoxins cause you to want to eat more because of an overstimulated hypothalamus.


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 You can view a list of the various names of MSG here.

There are many forms and names for MSG.


 For more details on excitotoxins search the web and you will find a great deal of information.


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