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Glyphosate &  GMOs

 Glyphosate was first used in 1961 as a Descaling and Chelating Agent. The first use was as a descaling agent to clean mineral deposits out of pipes and boilers of commercial and residential hot water systems.  These agents bind to calcium, magnesium, and other heavy metals to make them soluble in water.

 In 1970 it was discovered by a Monsanto scientist that it was a good herbicide or weed killer.  It was brought to market in 1974 by Monsanto under the trade name Roundup.  This herbicide was and is very effective in killing almost all plants/vegetation when applied to them.

 In 1985 the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), classified this chemical as a Class C Carcinogen.  However, Monsanto would beat the system when a doctor who worked for them would be appointed to Director of Environmental Assessment and Toxicology.  The EPA was convinced that this carcinogen was not a problem when the food we eat was soaked with it.  Really?

 So, as it goes Monsanto would genetically engineer crops to "NOT DIE" when they were sprayed with glyphosate.  Then it would be decided that wheat could be harvested faster by spraying glyphosate on the crop.  Glyphosate would cause the wheat to dry out faster and of course, the wheat would have to be genetically modified.  Normal wheat that was not modified would DIE just like a weed when sprayed with this poison!

 In 2014 there was an estimated 240 MILLION POUNDS of this poison sprayed on crops.  It is washed into the soil and eventually will make its way into the water supply.  The amount of this poison used each year has continued to increase and you must add all that it sprayed around homes and businesses to kill weeds!

 The World Health Organization (WHO) classified glyphosate as probably carcinogenic to humans in 2015.

 There are alarming levels of glyphosate found in popular American foods. (2016)

 About 93% of urine samples contained glyphosate. (2016)

 In 2018 Monsanto lost in court when sued by a groundskeeper who developed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and Monsanto was ordered to pay $78 million in damages.

 The information above is a partial summary of a very good site regarding glyphosate.  Click here to access the complete short history of this very evil poison.

 Do you spray your weeds or do you pull them?  If you spray them you are most likely spraying this cancer-causing chemical all over your property.  Check the label on the spray that you are using.  It will most likely be the FIRST ingredient!  Your kids are playing in your yard and your pets are also getting a dose of this carcinogen!

 Another point to consider is the testing of glyphosate.  Some tests were done by Monsanto (everyone should believe these results - NOT!) and it must be noted that the tests were only for a short duration.  When tested for a longer duration, it was found that there were many results that were not good!

 There are many people that disagree about glyphosate not being a problem to humans and animals.  All you need to do is learn about this chemical and what it does and how it works and then you can make up your own mind!


 Here is a link that gives information about the RISKS of ROUNDUP check out Roundup Risks.

Genetically Modified Organisms - GMO

 GMO foods and glyphosate are related because many of the genetically modified foods are modified to not die when sprayed with glyphosate.  If a plant or food is sprayed with glyphosate it will kill the plant if the genetic code has not been modified.

 GMO foods are illegal in many countries because the people in those countries know the truth about GMO foods and glyphosate.  The information and results of tests that have been done by private labs and these labs have revealed the health issues that are a result of modifying and spraying foods with glyphosate.

 In America, these results from tests have been suppressed and altered to show GMO foods and glyphosate are safe.

 It is about greed and profit at the expense of all people who believe the lies and deceptions.

 Learn more and decide for yourself.

 Here are some other site links to help you decide whether you want to eat foods sprayed with glyphosate and whether you want to kill your weeds with products that contain this chemical.


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