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Wikipedia summarizes it in this way:


Irreducible complexity is the argument that certain biological systems with multiple interacting parts would not function if one of the parts were removed, so supposedly could not have evolved by successive small modifications from earlier less complex systems through natural selection, which would need all intermediate precursor systems to have been fully functional.


It is stated that it is an argument that some biological systems with parts that interact would not function if one part is removed.


When you look at some biological systems you can better understand this concept that LOGICALLY disproves the “argument”.  There is nothing to argue about.

Look at the images and read the words; check out the provided links for more details

Think about the evidence given and then YOU DECIDE...

The Flagellum


It is a very complex structure.

If you remove one part it DOES NOT FUNCTION.

How could something evolve into this structure?

It would be non-functional without all the parts.

Evolution could not have happened with this structure.

Keep in mind that what you are seeing is microscopic in size.

This is how sperm and many other microorganisms provide motility.

It's SO tiny and so very complex!

More information on Flagellum can be found HERE

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Irreducible Complexity can be defined simply:

The "complexity" of a biological, LIVING structure does not LIVE or function if you change, or reduce the parts!


mitochondria 1.jpg

Mitochondria produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

ATP is the energy source of every LIVING CELL.

The food we eat is turned into energy

ATP does this by converting the food into "usable" energy for ALL cells

There are many things that take place within this tiny structure.

  • stores Calcium

  • the Citric Acid Cycle

  • Kreb' Cycle

  • Regulates cell metabolism

  • Plus more...

More on Mitochondria can be found HERE

More information on ATP can be found HERE

Remove any part of this very complex structure and it


Did the Big Bang create this structure?

Was it magic?

Is Evolution Logical?

Here is an example of a simple device:


A mousetrap consists of a hammer, spring, catch, platform, and a holding bar.

Does the trap work if one part is removed?

This could not have evolved into a mousetrap.

It wasn't a mousetrap until all of the parts were present

It is irreducibly complex; all the parts are needed!

There appears to not be an "ARGUMENT"

At least not a very good one!

More information about

Irreducible Complexity

Can be found HERE

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