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The TRUTH about Health and Nutrition, the TRUTH about Religion and the TRUTH about Music, the Media and more!

The information that is on this site is verifiable from various sources.  The information is from many sources and some of you may believe the content is controversial.  You just need to search it out for yourself to verify the validity of the information.  Sometimes all you need is "common sense", however that is not so common any more!

More details and clarification regarding the source of information on this site can be found by clicking here.

Some of what you will learn about on this site will be hard to believe.

You might ask that if this is ALL TRUE then why has it been hidden?

The answer is... it is about "deception, profit, greed" and the war between GOOD & EVIL!

 Check out this good example about "deception, profit and greed".  It is a documentary called "Biosludged".   Click here to watch.  Click here to watch if you do not want to provide an email address.   If you buy "organic" fertilizer then you really need to watch Biosludged!  The producer is Mike Adams the "Health Ranger"!  There are some other documentaries on his site that may be worth your time!

All TRUTH passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

-Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

 What is TRUTH?  Is it the same for "everyone"?  Truth is that which is in accordance with FACT or REALITY!  Whether accepted or not IT IS the SAME for EVERYONE!   Opinions differ, but they are often not  based in REALITY and they might not be TRUE!

Live until 50 or Live until 100 gives some food for thought for those that like their lifestyle and to not want to make lifestyle changes.

Click here to view Live Until 50 or Live Until 100

Information in this section is on the Home Page because of its importance.

Informed Consent Action Network is a site that pursues avenues to improve health and well being by exposing some facts about the vaccine program that you might not know.

Click here to check out ICAN

National Vaccine Information Center is a site is a helpful site that gives information about helping citizens maintain and protect your rights to vaccine exemptions.  It has information about policy makers and what they are actively doing to take personal choices away listed by state and dates. It will help you protect your rights to "informed consent" regarding vaccine programs that are taking your "right to choice" away.  Click here to check out NVIC

1 Corinthians 13:6 Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth
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 An abundance of information can be found in this section regarding health & nutrition.

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Amazing Creations


Some of the amazing creations that we are so lucky to have.  Without them there would be no life!


 Some food for thought will be provided and then you can decide for yourself if GOD is REAL.  Make sure to check out "The BIG BANG or NOT" page!

Please note: This site does not have many pictures.  This site is about showing people how they are deceived and often lied to.  It is about "content" regarding the TRUTH.  This site links to many other sites and videos that have an ABUNDANCE of useful and often life saving/changing information. Pictures might be added later. If you want a fancy site with "bells and whistles" then you are on the wrong site.  If you are interested in the TRUTH then you are on the correct site that has an abundance of TRUTH!

 It is TIME 4 Truth.  There are many  deceptions in the world and many people are so deceived they no longer know what the truth is!

There are two ways to be fooled.


One is to believe what isn't true;


The other is to refuse to accept


what is true!  


Soren Kierkegaard


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