Updates & Changes

time 4 truth went LIVE on January  1  2019



January 2019 All Updates & Changes Click Here (PDF)



February 7 2019

Changed Health & Nutrition page so it makes sense on Mobile Devices




February 10 2019

Added "note" on home page regarding pictures/images




February 12 2019

Domain time-4-truth.com is active and the ad is removed




February 17 2019


Added Live until 50 or Live until 100 on Home Page

Added counter to Home Page




February 25 2019


Glyphosate page updated and changed to Glyphosate & GMO

Added Food Combining Fact or Fiction page to Health & Nutrition section

Added Herbs & Spices page to Health & Nutrition section

Added The Seed to Amazing Creations page




February 28 2019


Added interview about Geoengineering on the More Truth Page




March 17 2019


Added Clean and Unclean Foods in Is God Real section

Added Sabbath in Is God Real section

Added The 10 Laws of God in Is God Real section




March 31 2019


Added ICAN and NVIC on Home Page

Added Dietary Guidelines to Health & Nutrition section




April 18 2019


Added Wireless Study from the EU About the Dangers on the Various Supplemental Links page

Added Wireless EMF Global Health Decline on the Various Supplemental Links page

Added Roundup Risks link to the Glyphosate - GMO page




  July 14 2019


Added information regarding Amalgam Dental Fillings including 2 links to the

Unhealthy Concoctions, Man-Made Poisons & Other Deceptions page

Added a short Video Explaining the Sabbath on the Sabbath page

Added a link to a page that offers a free course The Dark Side of Vaccines on the Vaccinations page

  November 28 2019


VERIFIED & UPDATED ALL LINKS and other minor Updates

 It is TIME 4 Truth.  There are many  deceptions in the world and many people are so deceived they no longer know what the truth is!

There are two ways to be fooled.


One is to believe what isn't true;


The other is to refuse to accept


what is true!  


Soren Kierkegaard


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