What is “geoengineering?  It is mankind trying to change and control the weather.  The definition from definition is: to make a large scale effort to modify the earth or the environment.


 It appears that man has been trying to alter and control the weather since the 1800’s.  Here is a link regarding the History of Geoengineering.

 The reason for trying to control the weather was based in good intentions, but has it worked and is that a major reason for the climate issues of today?

 They make it all about carbon being the big issue, however, plants thrive on carbon and when carbon is more abundant plants are even more vibrant.

 Now there are wide scale droughts, flooding and other climatic events occurring in different parts of the world.  The question that needs to be asked is “If mankind did not play with the climate what would the weather be"?  We can never know the answer to that question.

 Here are some links for you to look into this process whereby man is playing with God’s creation.

Geoengineering Monitor

What is Geoengineering

Weather Modification History

Geoengineering Watch

WeatherTec Enhancing Rainfall

 Here is a Podcast from Natural Health 365.  Jonathan Landsman interviews Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch.  The Uncensored Truth Behind Geoengineering give some history and is an eye opening interview that is worth your time.  Click Here to listen to the interview!

The Hated Big Rigs and Other Delivery Trucks


 When you see those huge trucks on the road do you give them a wave?  Or do you grumble and complain about them being in your way?  If you don’t like big trucks there are some things for you to consider…



 Do you like your car or truck?


 Then you should THANK a truck driver because without them you would not have a vehicle to drive!  When your vehicle needs repair it is also a truck driver that delivers the parts.


 When you gas up your vehicle it was the truck driver that delivered the gas to the station.


 Do you like to go shopping?


 ALL of the merchandise and FOOD that is in ALL of the stores was delivered by a truck driver!  It could have been a big rig or a smaller delivery truck.


 Over 50% of all goods that you buy consume and have in your home and that is part of your world were delivered by a Big Rig! 


 Depending on the product it could have been on a ship or train and then multiple trucks before it is available for you to purchase.


 TRUCKS move the WORLD without them you would have NO STUFF!



Next time you see a BIG RIG on the road give them a wave and give them a BREAK because without them you have NOTHING!

 It is TIME 4 Truth.  There are many  deceptions in the world and many people are so deceived they no longer know what the truth is!

There are two ways to be fooled.


One is to believe what isn't true;


The other is to refuse to accept


what is true!  


Soren Kierkegaard


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