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What is the TRUTH?  What is REALLY true?

What is the Agenda? (Part 2)


What is Real?

Is Wearing a Mask Good?  Is it necessary?  Does it do anything?

You were TOLD to WEAR a MASK.

SO you did...

You were told it would keep you safe and stop the spread.


You believed them.

Have you ever questioned what you have been told

Or are you just BLINDLY FOLLOWING the HERD- the CROWD?

Very possibly The TRUTH...might scare you.


You should, however, consider what could very well be happening.


The writing is on the wall, but will you see it and consider, if maybe, by perchance it is really ALL LIES that you are believing?

This is a test.


To see how easily people COMPLY with their demands...




Almost the ENTIRE WORLD is complying.

With all of their demands, we are obligated to MAKE THEM RICHER!


They tell us what we need...


Then we are to go out and buy and comply.

They are getting richer every day that this continues.


The industry producing masks are LOVING the mandate about wearing a mask!


Remember to add all of the industries providing the materials to make the mask in the first place.


They are raking in the PROFITS at your expense, your FEAR!.

The Pharmaceutical Companies could make $10 TRILLION every year if they have their way.  Please know that they have NO LIABILITY for any HARM the vaccines cause.


Why are you afraid?


You have let them SCARE you into SUBMISSION!





We are supposed to be an EXAMPLE to the World.


What has happened?

WHY are you letting evil & LIES control you.



Soon you will be TOLD the MASKS will come-off after EVERYONE is VACCINATED.

You will be told it is for everyone's SAFETY.

The vaccine does contain ABORTED FETAL TISSUE along with other substances that they want to put into your system.


Most (maybe ALL) of the substances would NEVER be IN your BODY if not INJECTED into your system by external means!  It is a toxic poison.

There is TALK that the vaccine will be GENE ALTERING.


They want to change your DNA!!  They want to be like GOD!


You will be soon TOLD that you need to be CHIPPED, so they can monitor your health because they CARE!  Really?

Then they can and will assign each person a Social Credit Score.


Search social credit score on YouTube and see the details for yourself...

(if not censored)


China has assigned its people a Social Score!

(the government OWNS the people in China- COMMUNISM at it's BEST!)

It is why they need 5G.  Data is in REAL-TIME and a great deal of data can be captured because of it's increased bandwidth and speed.

Is 5G really safe?


What about the DEAD BEES and TREES near 5G towers/transmitters?


Search out 5G and look at ALL of the information...


Then you can make up your own mind.

There are those doctors and some experts that will tell you that the symptoms for Covid-19 & 5G over-exposure are nearly, exactly the same.



Is the virus a cover to hide what is really making people sick?


Does it seem odd that the areas with the most 5G have the highest instance of the Corona Virus?

In the USA medical procedures are BY CHOICE (at least they used to be) and not forced by the government.


That is what social-communist countries do.


Force all sorts of things on their people and there is NO CHOICE!


This is not the way AMERICA is supposed to be.

America was never perfect, however, it was standing for something that people could do here and not in other parts of the world.


That is to live and make their own decisions about all things by CHOICE. 


We used to be able to look at varying sides and decide what was true.


Now you are ALLOWED to ONLY HAVE ONE SIDE and it has been decided FOR YOU which side you will believe!



Views that oppose what they (mainstream media) are telling you are being CENSORED!!!


Why is that?

When the government tells the people how to conduct their LIVES and tells the people what to believe, then the people have NO CHOICE.


YOU have become a SLAVE.



Do you really think agreeing and going along with THEIR COMMUNIST playbook is a good thing for you and future generations?



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