Dietary Guidelines for Eating a Healthy Diet


It seems strange that the guidelines are not the same all over the world.  Are people not the same physiologically?

 There are some similarities, but there are differences and it should make you wonder why the guidelines are not the same for everyone in the world.  The answer is that it depends who is deciding what is good for you to eat for optimum health.

 In the United States the industry, the food producers help decide what is good to eat and in other parts of the world the industry does not have any control.

It is about profit in the United States and in other countries profit does not determine what is good for you.

It is one reason why the United States have some of the most "unhealthy" people in the world

Compare the guidelines and see for yourself.  Information is provided for Canada, Europe and United States.

Canada Dietary Guidelines

World Health Organization Dietary Guidelines for Europe

United States Dietary Guidelines

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